Arthritis treatment with Companion Laser Therapy

Arthritis package promotion

  Reluctance to move, stiffness, difficulty climbing stairs, getting into the car or on the bed or sofa may be signs of arthritis. At Companion Pet Clinic we can help! Treatment for arthritis can markedly improve quality of life and slow down the progression of the disease   Signs of arthritis include: Reluctance to take […]

Heartgard/NexGard savings!

  Heartgard (Heartworm preventative): Helps prevent heartworm infection in your dog Kills heartworm larvae, roundworms and hookworms Easy-to-giveā€”most dogs eat it right out of your hand Give one each month, year-round Helps avoid the cost of treating heartworm disease and the risk of possible death from the disease   NexGard for dogs (Flea and Tick […]